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My Talk With Tanya Wright

By Alma Hill   Tanya Wright is a woman at peace. When I met her for our interview, she was relaxed, her curly hair pulled high in a messy ponytail. As she invited me in, I noticed she was barefoot, and she exuded a very comfortable sense of confidence. A professional actress, Tanya has a […]


Couples Convo: Date Night #jovahnandjess

Couples Convo: Date Night #jovahnandjess

Date night!!!! Today Jovahn and I will have a conversation about date night! Share your date night experiences in the comments below! Thank you for watching! -JovahnandJess

Moisturizing Dry Natural Hair

Moisturizing Dry Natural Hair

Ugh!!! Dry hair! I totally understand how you feel. In this video I will discuss what I did to retain moisture in my hair. I hope this video is helpful and let me know what you like to do to retain moisture in your hair! Song: Alina Baraz and Galimatias- “Make You Feel” Remix. Happy […]


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Natural Beauty Spotlight: Meet Lisa

What is your name?  Lisa How long have you been natural? 15 years, but I consider myself a “renewed natural” because in the last 15 years most of that time has been spent wearing straight styles (weaves or flat irons). However, after giving birth to my son last summer I experienced a ton of postpartum […]


Natural Beauty Spotlight: Meet Jayda!

  What is your name? Jayda How long have you been natural? 1 year and 2 months Did you big chop?  Did you transition? If so, how long? Are you currently transitioning? I transitioned for one year before I did the big chop. What is your favorite go-to hairstyle? my favorite go-to hairstyle is a […]


Ana and her Daughter

  From Ana: Here is a pic on me and me daughter ( I am teaching her to love her hair so she never have to feel like she needs to change it to fit in).


Natural Beauty Spotlight: Meet Allyson

What is your name?  Allyson How long have you been natural? 1 year and 1 month! Did you big chop?  Did you transition? If so, how long? Are you currently transitioning? I decided to big chop back in June of 2013. After sitting in my house for hours watching natural hair videos on YouTube, I […]


Real Estate Pitfalls: Learned the Hard Way

By Tiki I believe knowledge is power. Any opportunity I have to share my experience(s) with others, especially if it can make a difference in someone’s decision making, I am game for it! A few years ago I made the decision to dabble into real estate. However, there were some situations I just wasn’t prepared […]


Do I Need You To Like My Natural Hair?

By Sabrina     Really the question should be do I need ANYONE to like my hair?  I guess that is a question only each person could answer and you might get more than a simple ‘yes’ and ‘no’.  So, as I pose this question to you I will be the first to answer…..No, I […]

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