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    Product Junkie on a Budget!

    By: Tiki Hey curlfriends!! I will admit that I love experimenting with new products. I think acquiring products is one of the best ways to determine what works for one’s…

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    Interview With HairStylist Phyllis Allen

    By Alma photo credit: Google Images “Going natural” is not a new phenomenon, but coupled with the technology of our generation, platforms like social media networks, YouTube, even simple search…

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    Embracing The Shrinkage

    By Tiki If you’ve been natural for a while you probably understand that “shrinkage” is common and plays a major role in the natural hair community. For some curlies, shrinkage…

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    How I Made it Through Transitioning

    By Brittney One of the toughest phases of the natural journey is the ‘transition stage.’  During this stage we are going from the only way of hair care, maintenance and…